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Digital Transformation for everyone

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What I do

Find Opportunity

Profit grows when value delivered exceeds cost of delivery. I assess what you do, how you do it and map that to opportunities to improve efficiency and return.

Define Strategy

From small businesses to the largest enterprise, I assist companies define goals, assess needs and deliver outcomes.

Choose Tools

Choosing digital tools is complex and confusing. Decisions have lasting and expensive impacts. The right questions are as important as the right answers.

Deliver Value

Many moving parts need to be coordinated, including you and your team. I have the experience and capacity to plan the delivery of digital projects.

Experts who rate my skills on LinkedIn:

Leadership & Management

Digital Strategy

Customer Experience & Innovation

Content Strategy & Management

Product Strategy & Marketing

Data & Analytics

What I Offer

Here is what I can do to help your business

Small Business

Small business owners need a professional online presence with a minimum of fuss. I can cost effectively assist with:

  • Professional internet domain
  • Professional email
  • Website planning and set up
  • Office network and wifi
  • Select low cost or “free” digital solutions
  • Security from hacking

Medium business

Businesses owners need impartial advice to get results and avoid expensive mistakes. I can cost effectively assist:

  • Manage a domain and DNS
  • Multi-user email and collaboration tools
  • Cost effective video conferencing
  • Cost effective CRM and digital marketing
  • Select cost effective digital platforms
  • Digital platform integration
  • e-commerce enablement
  • Network security and improved wifi
  • Enable and train staff
  • Provide hand over support

Large business

Large businesses have bespoke needs and legacy systems that typically require systems integration. Mistakes at this level cost millions. I have spent most of my career advising enterprise customers. I consult on:

  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Business Intelligence
  • Digital Marketing
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Customer Experience
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Enterprise Service Management

Who I have worked with


Don’t take my word for it

Dale was one of my key managers. He introduced many innovations, managed a large design and implementation team and was well liked by all who had contact with him.

Justin Milne

Group Managing Director, Telstra

He is always in front of emerging technology or businesses. Combined with a particular passion for people and an eagerness to approach any problem as a challenge rather than a chore – Dale is one of the movers & shakers in Australian tech.

Andrew Eckford

Marketing Science Lead, Facebook

I am always impressed with his pragmatic approach to delivering fantastic outcomes for his team and clients. Dale effortlessly blends his vast experience with a willingness to explore emerging technologies and ideas.

Grant Klein

Managing Director, Boomworks

Dale is a determined and committed leader of creative people. While he possesses a considerable reputation for organizational effectiveness and innovation, he also cares deeply for positive outcomes for real customers.

Jeremy Kelaher

Principal Technology Strategist, Telstra

Why choose me


I am easy to work with

I care about your business

I care about your employees

I care about your customers

I care about you

How to contact me

+61 459 744 538

PO Box 713, Mona Vale NSW 1660